Exclusive model “QWOS” have been created by Ermolaeva Underwear with passion and wild fire.
This is perfect and stylish handmade swimsuit made of soft knitted fabric in a leopard style.
About the product:
Stylish and astonishing bodice in shape of a rhombus will perfectly hold bust and will look terrificly amazing on any chest. At the back, there is tension tying adjustment of straps for any wish.
Panties with an ideal overstated fit and stylish V-neckline both in front and back. “V”-style imparting rounded shape for bottom, even if we take into account the fact of a high landing panties (Frequently, high landing turns bottom, into a “surface”, but not in our case). “QWOS” Visually reducing your waist, and making legs extremely long.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.